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Nov 17, 2017 Report from the 17th ENCA meeting in Athens

Oct 10, 2017 17th ENCA meeting in Athens - Presentations

August 2, 2017 Update of the ENCA meeting in Athens

July 17, 2017 Videos submitted to the "Fun with JIA" challenge
There may have been videos lost in the emails; you may still send or resend yours at secretary@enca.org and  secretary.enca@hotmail.com.

July 3, 2017 Update of the ENCA meeting in Athens

May 6, 2017 For dutch speaking people, participate to a survey on SJIA

April 1, 2017  Dear Parents, please share this announcement with your children."FUN WITH JIA" !! ENCA is challenging all kids with JIA !!! (Or any Autoimmune /Auto-Inflammatory disease) Are you between 6 and 18 years old? Then read about this challenge here!! Who dares to take this challenge???

March 23, 2017   ENCA board meeting in Amsterdam

Sept. 29-30, 2016 16th ENCA meeting in Genoa - Photos

June 09, 2016       Participation to the EULAR conference in London

Oct 26-27, 2015    Participation to the final SHARE conference in Zeist (Netherlands)

June 13, 2015      15th ENCA meeting in Rome during EULAR/PRES conference

Sept 20-21, 2014   14th ENCA meeting  in Belgrade during PRES congress

Sep 28, 2013        13th ENCA meeting in Ljubljana during PRES congress

June 6-9, 2012     12th ENCA meeting in Berlin during EULAR/PRES congress

2011                     11th ENCA meeting in Bruges (Holland) during PRES congress - PRES report - Videos

2010                     10th meeting of ENCA in Valencia (Spain) during PRES congress

June 7, 2009        14-17 September : 9th meeting of ENCA in Copenhagen during EULAR/PRES congress

Sept 4, 2008        ENCA Newsletter 3

Sept 4, 2008         14-17 September : 8th meeting of ENCA in London during PRES congress

Sept 2, 2007        5-9 September : 7th meeting of ENCA in Istambul (Turkey) during PRES congress

February 26, 2006 ENCA Newsletter 2

June 21-24, 2006    6th meeting of ENCA in Amsterdam (Nederland) during EULAR/PRES congress

Sept 16-18, 2005 5th meeting of ENCA in Versailles (France) during PRES congress

March , 2005     ENCA Newsletter 1

Sept 9-12, 2004    4th meeting of ENCA in Kosice  (Slovakia) during PRES congress

Jan 5, 2004    Logo 5 was chosen as official ENCA logo jpeg gif

Dec 11, 2003     Proposals of logos for ENCA

Oct 2-5, 2003     Third meeting of ENCA in Stresa (Italy)

June 14, 2002      Second meeting of ENCA in Stockholm (Sweden)

January 27, 2002 Setup of ENCA discussion list and Web site

January 19, 2002 First meeting between 7 european associations in Paris (FRANCE)