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A.M.R.I. Italy

A.M.R.I. is a word that stands for Association for Infantile Rheumatic Diseases. It was born in Pavia in 1992 and was created by a group of parents of children with rheumatic diseases. Since 2002 A.M.R.I. moved from Pavia to Genoa at the Gaslini children hospital. Now A.M.R.I. has joined 330 members and itís still growing!

Due to the situation of Public Health in Italy, A.M.R.I. has had to face many difficulties dealing with the hospitals and their lack of rooms for parents and their lack of information. Thatís why A.M.R.I. has rent two flats for the families who come from all over Italy to Gaslini (Genoa). This service is really appreciated as it is very cheap and allows the families to be together during the period of the staying at the hospital. We believe that children can face the hard moments of their disease better if they have their family around.

In the latest two years A.M.R.I. could reach two very important goals:

The first one is our physiotherapist that we have hired in 2003. This way we have been able to offer an everyday counselling to our children in hospital, as Gaslini never did. Rheumatic diseases, as we all know, strongly need a physiotherapic help to keep joints fit.

The second goal is our psychologist. She has been working for us since january 2004.

Her work is very important because she tries to help parents and children to learn how to deal with chronic diseases. Most of all at the beginning, when parents are told about their kidsí diseases, a psychological support can really help them to overcome this new situation.

Everyday routine for A.M.R.I. is mostly life in the hospital: giving information about laws and rights that Italian disabled children have, about rheumatic diseases with our two booklets, helping parents who come from all over Italy to find an accomodation and so onÖ

A.M.R.I. is on the internet: www.amri.it

and has got an e-mail: assamri@tin.it

You can contact us also at A.M.R.I. onlus

Ist. G. Gaslini Pediatria 2
L.go Gaslini 5
16147 Genova

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